Why CreditCube

There are many different kinds of fast, short-term online loans available to the public. For the consumer, installment loans make the most sense.

Maybe you had some unexpended expenses this past month that your salary alone couldn’t cover. Perhaps you have a savings account but it’s tied up in a time-deposit account, or is being held in exchange for free checking. Or you’ve already taken out the maximum you’re allowed for an overdraft loan or you’ve reached your credit card ceiling and need just a little bit more cash to make ends meet until your next paycheck.

CreditCube Short-Term Loans

These are the typical scenarios that make short-term loans the obvious solution. And CreditCube short- term loans make the most sense. Short-term loans are fast loans that are repaid with interest over a limited period of time, as little as one month. There are several different types of short-term loans. The type of loans we offer at CreditCube are known as installment loans.

CreditCube Benefits

CreditCube installment loans provide a number of important benefits.

First, installment loans do not necessarily affect your credit rating. You might need a clean credit rating if you plan to borrow later on from a bank or take out a mortgage. If your credit rating is already bad, you’ll need time to rehabilitate it and, until then many other loan types may not be available to you. CreditCube installment loans, in contrast, do not affect your credit rating.

Second, CreditCube sets the highest standards for itself in providing you with premium customer service. Contact our loan specialists today and see for yourself. We provide quick and friendly service with no hidden fees and charges. We even go the extra mile to provide you with flexible repayment terms that best meet your particular budget.

Third, CreditCube online loans are fast loans. It’s really simple and takes only a few minutes to apply. And because premium service is something we provide and something you expect, we usually process your application the same business day.

Fourth, unlike some installment loans offered by other lenders, CreditCube online loans do not carry any pre-payment penalties. That means that should you want to repay the remainder on your loan before the agreed-upon date, you’re free to do so with no penalty whatsoever. In fact, we actually encourage our customers to pay their loan off early and save up on interest.

And finally, returning customers can take advantage of our Loyalty Program. Joining is absolutely free of charge and you gain loyalty points for every successful payment you make. As you accumulate more points you move up the CreditCube ranks to a higher Loyalty Program category. Each time you do, you will be entitled to an extended line of credit at a lower interest rate.

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What about Other Short-Term Loans?

Carefully compare and contrast their payment schedule with the one we will offer to you.

Payday loans will require you to repay them in full when you receive your next pay slip.

Auto title loans will carry a more reasonable interest rate, but if you don’t pay it back when it comes due you might risk losing your car.

The terms for overdraft loans may sound reasonable at first, but they are not always available to every consumer and their fees could rack up to a substantial amount if they are not addressed quickly.

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Applying does NOT affect your FICO® Score!