About Us

CreditCube is a state-of-the-art, data driven online lender. Headquartered in California, CreditCube is built by a passionate team of professionals looking to change the online lending industry.


Here at CreditCube, we pride ourselves on our premium customer care, fast response time, transparency, and flexibility in meeting our customer needs. Our unique Loyalty Program rewards our most valued customers with increasingly larger loans at decreasingly lower interest rates, making credit more accessible for them when they need it the most.


We don’t think people in need of credit should be limited by low credit scores or income fluctuations. Rather, we believe they deserve the same opportunities as everyone else. That’s why we offer:

Access to quick and transparent credit with no hidden fees.

A seamless application process that is quick, efficient and mostly automated.

A simple way to build credit with us and improve our customers' ability to access more funds at lower rates.

Join us today at CreditCube and find out more.